Aulcie + On The Map

Aulcie + On The Map

Aulcie is a sequel of sorts to the hit ON THE MAP which describes Maccabi Tel Aviv historical win over the Russian team. Buy or rent both hit films by Dani Menkin

Aulcie + On The Map

2 Videos

  • AULCIE - A Film by Dani Menkin 2021

    Aulcie Perry, an African American, from the violence-filled streets of Newark, NJ finds his glory in leading Israel’s Maccabi basketball team to European championship, only to fall to drugs and jail time before his redemption and search for his biological daughter.

  • ON THE MAP - A Film by Dani Menkin

    “On The Map” tells the story of ’77 team, the one that brought the first European Cup to Israel and became “The Team of the Nation”.

    Featuring interviews with the Jewish American athletes who made history, “On the Map” combines the pulse pounding action of a high-stakes game with an incendiary p...